In unison
We have all heard of great tales of old
Sequels that have transcended into our reality
Great compilations of legends and myths from outer-world
Ending in the everlasting or poetic tragedy
On this day we, Onyx and Ekaant, shall bring you one more story
And its holding in reality shall be your prophecy

In unison:
At the commencement was La Fauna
There lies the beginning of life and the key to immortality
A paradise created for all kind and genre
From earth’s beast to fish from sea
Sky’s bird and mystic breed
But greater than beast
Was Elf and Man
For they as priests
Were to rule the land
Well at least…that was the plan
But since they were too distant in nature
They were made rulers over different pastures
Man was given stewardship over Roma
While the Elf was to rule over the Island of Brittania 

I was placed over men in their stewardship of Roma
I observed their rushed ways of life and carelessness thereof
I studied their thirst for life that always led them to great trauma
Sometimes blaming others, but mostly what they called love
So invested in themselves, they abandoned their call
Sooner than later I had to intervene in order to prevent their fall
It quickly became obvious to me that they could not live with elves
It was then that I placed over them the Lutorians
It had to be done, their introduction was necessary for La Fauna

Elves were a completely different people
Eternal beings, they had no concept of time
They pursued their call, and preserved their steeples
They were with nature completely in line
Everything in their existence was well structured
Ensuring that men, women, slave and free be cultured
They seemed to have been the chosen race
Their way of life showed no disgrace
Elder-led by the Druiths, the elves were the pride of La Fauna

I introduced a group of noblemen called Lutorians to rule over them
So that some form of restraint could be exercised

Each Druith oversaw a clan of the elvish realm
Task that proved to be easy given their commanded manners and small size

In unison:
Both knew of each other’s existence but desired separation
Men believed elves to be a lazy people who did nothing but contemplation
Elves saw men as weak and their eager nature reason for destruction
So we, Onyx and Ekaant, oversaw a signed pact that forbids their interaction

There is a reason why Druiths had to ruler over the elves
Though well organized and disciplined, all was outwardly
They boast in their accomplishment thus trust in self
Their eloquent look and manners hid an inner tragedy
Elves were as blind as men!
Their evil drew from the same fountain
And that same fountain had La Fauna drained