Why a face with eyes of azure?
Staring gates of open pleasure.

Why the sound of whistling, whining,
soft and high, low and dying?

Why the grasp of understanding
with lips and tongue all underlying?

Why smell’s sense of familiarity,
pleasant, pungent, and vulgarity?

Why expression, eye brows, forehead?
Written, scribbled, self-suggestive.

Oh, the indescribable union
of each faculty’s own action!

Such a wise synchronization,
the hand of God is simply latent!

Inner wisdom, out-expression,
inhaled oxygen, exhaled vision.

The face of man is immaculate,
symmetric, thoughtful, detailed, accurate.

How in the world do you create a face
unique, but one for all the race?

Simply wondrous, gift of love!
Made to image God above.

Life-filled, laughter, lip sync, language,
all describe this human visage.

Why the mourning, fallen, countenance?
Why the pallor as death is imminent?

Cold, bluish, faded, gone.
Gone, gone, life goes on.

Written pain inscribed on flesh,
mortal anguish, failing health.

Eyes a river, tongue now cleaving,
lips survive for interceding.

Draws He now His final breath
and lets take Him death of deaths.

Carried downward, buried rich,
no decaying, silent pitch.

Inward breathing, violent, gracious!
Returned to life the face so matchless!

Image of the invisible God;
glory streams into the heart.

The eyes of azure wake to glory,
ears now hear song of morning.

Lips of fervent adoration,
forehead crowned to do obeisance.

The eye beholds the perfect face
and thus reflects His perfect grace.