This is a story based on the truest story ever told,
its a story you and I are in right now.
It fascinates and includes young and old,
and oh the way it begins, well let me tell you how…

Once upon a time, the very first time in fact,
the eternal three Personal God made all
out of nothing in a six day act.
He made the heavens, the earth, and the seas,
and filled them with things to rule them;
lights in space, water and land creatures, and birds in the breeze,
but He made mankind to subdue and rule them.
In His image they would be like kings,
and in His likeness children;
a covenant with God and all things
to fill the earth with heaven.
In a garden placed on top of a mountain,
full of trees, a gate at the east,
and water flowing from its center;
the man and the woman could eat any tree
they wanted in the garden except for,
”the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”-
to rule without God,
or self law would be its equal;
as if they would take His spot.
The plot thickens when along slithers one
who questions God’s word and lies with a smile;
Eve is trapped but Adam’s sin is the one
that put us where we’ve been for a very long while.
Death to all,
none excepted.
Behold the fall,
What had they expected?
But then…

There is a promise made as we read,
all of man’s hope is sown in a Seed:
two types of people will come from Eve,
a Son of Man will crush the serpent.
With hostility between these breeds
one group like Him will be suffering servants.

Adam’s sin was counted to each person,
curses fell with a surprising blessing.
Exiled from the tree of life lest they worsen,
they took off their fig leaves and put on the new dressing.
Eve got Cain first,
Abel came second;
his faith was shown by works,
the other turned out to be a dead end.
As forerunner of the world,
Cain killed his own dear neighbor,
then left the presence of the Lord
to wander and to labor.
Those who came from him were sin-sick,
wise in this age, cultured, and inventors;
its height was reached in Lamech
11 times more than Cain a debtor.
But while the city of man was brewing
Adam and Eve had brought forth Seth.
People from him were those of God’s choosing,
Enoch didn’t even see death.
The last man of this godly line was named
the same as the last of the line of Cain.
With the second Lamech on the scene,
the city of God with hopes in heaven,
and the city of man, the human machine,
we come full circle- he lived to 777.
Humanity had reached its capacity,
the time had reached its max,
it was said then, ”Out of the ground that the Lord has cursed,
this one shall bring us relief from our work
and from the painful toil of our hands.”
“Relief” to them sounded like Noah.
He found favor while sinners’ days were over.
The Spirit of God contended with men
while their hearts gave no alliance,
they filled the earth like men yes,
but with violence.
God called Noah to build an ark of gopher wood
to keep them through the judgment.
Animals came to Noah in unmistakable Adam-hood,
and through him the Lord upheld His covenant.

Heaven and earth collapsed on itself,
man was crushed in between
as if they were rejected by both,
and the water kept coming.