The Son of God became a curse for us
so that we might be blessed sons,
His death is history’s main purpose,
and with it His resurrection.
He completed the task every Adam failed,
sat in heaven on the highest throne,
poured out the Spirit on male and female,
making them the new creation of His own,
that spread from Jerusalem outward,
with the good news of the risen Christ;
as years past God gave provision of His word,
as Christians paid a real decision’s price.
When Jerusalem was divinely leveled
the city of God could be distinguished
from the Roman religion of the devil,
so from Nero on fires weren’t extinguished.
In the coliseum Christians were herded
death by beasts that demanded allegiance,
John wrote to the church to have its loins girded,
the Lamb is coming to tear this beastly world to pieces.
The great city, famed and loved by all,
like Rome of old did will fall.

Heaven and earth will collapse on itself,
man will be caught in between
as if they were rejected by both,
and the fire will keep coming.

‘The Heavenly City outshines Rome, beyond comparison.
There, instead of victory, is truth;
instead of high rank, holiness;
instead of peace, felicity;
instead of life, eternity.’

Could you be a predestined member of that city?
No one there trusts in their own works.
They rest in its Founder and seek His pity.
Perhaps in your heart He has begun to work?

*Quote from Augustine, The City of God