What if the Sun and the Ocean were to conceive a babe?
Surely such unorthodoxy would not produce something pure
But behold the fruit of their union as it takes the shape
Of a young woman who gains many lovers among her peers
Such feat takes a particular beauty that no one man can simply shake
Her off their mind when the longing heart sees her and cheers

Her sensuality is in her outfit displayed
Wrapped in a clear garment for all to see
Exposing her neck and chest she becomes a prey
Of the husband who has become an absentee

But her beauty is in the imperfections
That can be seen in daily interactions

From her calm absent stare
As if given puzzling instructions
To her dark and messy hair
Moving and waltzing in all directions

Beauty is not just a matter of sight
We may elevate the appearance
And wish it to be our assurance 
But there are matters of the heart

Her mouth is our window to her mind
Where all private thoughts are confined
Does her mouth denote her eloquence?
And if so, Did it affect her relevance?

Her story was one of rags to riches
Hart captivated the world with her beauty
The lover of many men, but nobody’s Mrs.
A little heart conquering bird for grain and booty
She was finally captured by no rich man, but a storyteller
Who locked her in a place stripped of time and motion
To forever give the fame to her detainer
Who controls this storm caused by the Sun and the Ocean