The tales of great men
Times when legends were born
Through the historian bleeding pen
Ages in which men hated all reform
But those ages saw great men take form
Of giants who violently refused to conform
So through rebels our history was transformed
Some fought for love and liberty
Others for power and prosperity
But they all shared one thing
All shed blood tears for their goals to bring
Names which will never be forgotten
Until the return of The Only Begotten

In his depraved state man was being used
In his sin he called lust love
And the desire to rebel liberty
In his sin he wanted to be above
So his thirst for riches he called prosperity
But through him God established a platform
Warriors and conquerors shaped our history
But God was truly the one bringing to form
The ages that carried our redemptive history
In His righteous state The Man was used
He shed bloody sweats for His glory to bring
And His name will never be forgotten
He is the returning only begotten

-Benny Kiza