She was wearing bright shining eyes
And a thousand waterfalls for hair
All beheld her as she traveled the skies
Systematically polluting the air
Equipped with a dazzling set of wide wings
Touching both laymen and kings
By her dazing elvish nectar, all were baptized
With desire, they were hypnotized
But much more attractive was her human beauty
Her human determination and sense of duty

T’was, A forbidden love brought forth a seed
The daughter of Emerald and Rehema
A child from two worlds, a mixed-breed
Born in a great and sad dilemma
For elves and man never lived in unity
Disparate ancestry, philosophy, and community
Therefore when their union was revealed
The heretics’ death was sealed
In this, elves were forced to end their daughter’s life
And humans to put their son to the knife
This sacrifice created a deep hatred between the two species
Leaving the known world in a great crisis
But in the midst of all this drama
Life was made, a child was conceived
This fruit of love and great trauma
Has the world received

Hidden by her parents before their death
They gave up their lives so she could take her first breath
Secluded from the affairs of the world
The child grew in beauty and majesty
And due to her unique ancestry
Her appearances were strange to this world
T’was dreamy, warm and magic
To all, her origins seemed angelic
To the world of man and elves, she was at first mythical
For no one knew of her origins
And all her appearances seemed mystical
Tales, songs, and legends were written
To her many praises given

She eventually became acquainted with men
helping the heroes of old in their many courageous quests
But always rejecting their romantic requests
She also participated in elvish activities and meditations
Aiding them in their writings and mystical reflections
But always rejecting their romantic invitations

Both men and elves saw her as a deity
Thus accepting her divided devotion
The elves thought of men to be filthy
And believed them to be dependent on Ermea as a guidance unto sanitation
And men thought elves to be guilty
And believed them to be dependent on
Ermea as a guide unto salvation
But Ermea saw herself to be a free spirit
She had a profound attraction to both people
But only wanted herself to be a visit
For she was aware of the world’s evil