A son works and keeps
the temple entered at the east-
the beginning of the end.


It all starts with time commencing,
time keeps slipping, never stopping.
Future perfect, past, and present
all converge on one event:
not singular, but irreducible,
ushering in an irreversible-
apocalyptic new creation
with this age’s conflagration.
I am, but I’m not making reference
to ”the parousia” (presence),
but to what kick-starts the engine:
the climactic death and resurrection
of the Son who works and keeps
His body from the world beneath-
new beginning without end.


With the full prophetic witness
(the inspired holy Scriptures)
across progressive revelation,
using recapitulation,
the pattern that one recognizes
is creation, covenant, Adam, Eden, temple, fall, a new one rises;
new creation and new exodus
by One who is ambidextrous,
a Son of Man-Israel-David-
suffering Servant-King full laden
with Divine attributes, and given
the Spirit, and eternal kingdom;
nations bowing, Zion rising,
temple with immense designing.
Adam, Noah, Israel couldn’t,
the exiles made no real improvement,
but when the Son came who works and keeps
the temple made of royal priests-
the end of all things was at hand.


A type of telescopic prophecy,
Jerusalem AD 70:
a true judgment-coming predicted
for that generation that existed;
probably later John had written
what he saw in the vision
concerning the great tribulation
the church was already facing,
-bow to Caesar, compromise,
or stick with Christ for the prize-
this has present implications
as we look forward with patience
for the Son to work and keep
the goats separate from the sheep-

the end.

Elias J. MacDonald

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