Eschatology. Is that just futurology?
A little bit of that never hurt anybody.
Surprisingly it’s not what most say it is;
It should be, rather: “the end, therefore, Genesis.”
Rooted in creation it reaches backwards
always reminding us of the climax:
the cataclysmic crisis, history’s close.
So to rightly read we must trace its growth,
dividing the word of truth with precision,
knowing God “declares the end from the beginning.”

Antitypes have made some impressions,
types, with gradual growth and expression.
What left the impression? Shadows cast which direction?
Things to come have intruded the present.
The space-time continuum is thus aligned
to predesign the assumed stuff of end-times.
Had Adam obeyed in the garden-temple Eden
he would have entered a condition even
greater and irreversible with Eve, and
this didn’t happen because the Last Adam
had in the future fulfilled the eternal plan,
gave Himself for Last Eve and rose as slain Lamb.
This new covenant work that belongs to A.D.
is the basis for salvation for everybody
who ever was saved or ever will be.
How can that be? The intrusion of end time realities
into the past or present based on works that would be.
Welcome to eschatology!

God’s kingly rule interjecting into history
has been a major theme and always will be;
this is what I’ve been saying the whole time,
whether in Paul or not, it conditions my rhyme:
“This two age dualism are two spheres of existence,
with roots in Judaism, but transformed by the presence
of end-time realities brought into the present;”*
“we can do this because we are in Him,
having reached the eschatological realities therein
in an already-not yet, stagger-step fashion;”*
“The last things start in the garden
and we see fits of it and restarts,
but when their New Testament counterparts begin
eternity touches down into history,
leaving us with the concept of mystery.”*
This was just a recitation, its about time for the sum.
Next, the consummation (in more ways than just one).

The end? Already, but not yet…

~my Master’s greatest debtor

*1: How To Paul
*2: Logic, Rhetoric, Apocalyptic Pt.3: Law and Gospel
*3: Radix In Flore (Root In Bloom) Pt.10