Psalm 139 from the 13th to 16th verse focus on God’s majesty from conception to birth;
in the marriage covenant which requires two partners, the man and women consummate resulting in the process – of fertilisation the sperm has reached it’s destination, up the fallopian tube the ovum it’s situation.

When the nuclei of the sperm and egg combine, it marks the beginning of the babies life, the 23 chromosome containing deoxyribonucleic acid, inherent in the sperm and ovum combine not to be unfastened, the two together are called a Greek word gametes, which means marriage partners and they fit together with complete ease, this two becoming one cell is it’s marvelous inception, depiction of Christ and the church in the miracle of conception; having 46 chromosomes worth of genetic information, at 0.1 millimeters it starts it’s transformation.

As Adam passed on his image to the next generation, so his original sin is passed on by procreation; medical diction aside we must always be reminded, that inside these tiny bodies a soul is residing, not just a lump of chemicals in material proportions, this fetus belongs to Jesus and He hates abortions. On to the next stage of implantation, the zygote divides then mass cell duplication, after a while of production it becomes a blastocyst, a medical term but human life Scriptures insist, at this point organs and parts are generated, because cells carry out the task to which they’re designated.

Embryo and fluid are protected by two membranes, amnion and chorion a cushion like embrace, weeks go by inside this first trimester, and in order to grow it must divest her – of healthy nutrients taken from the best of, mom’s food and drink from bloodstream to placenta, an organ God created- He must be glorified, simultaneously the baby’s fed and detoxified. Day 42 arrives the baby is taking form, hands and feet are seen- ears and eyes the norm, at 7 weeks old the baby has fingerprints, spontaneous movements- you know that you’re pregnant; the spinal cord is protected by a small protrusion, a tail from it’s back no illusion.

The molding process ongoing it continues, more muscles, bones and sinews, facial features, eye brows and separated filangies, a fearfully and wonderfully made anatomy. Nearing time of the little one’s delivery, starts Genesis 3:16 described misery, the amniotic sack tears releasing the juices, and the contractions start with the pain it produces, bones actually expand changing the structure, to accomodate the baby that makes her a mother, it bears their parents’ resemblance right from birth, just like acceptance of gay pride are not marks of a true church, a gasp to start the lungs then cut umbilical cord, ‘the fruit of the womb is a reward.’

It’s sad to say 100, 000 a year don’t reach this stage, in Canada alone that is, and it’s been happening for ages, example is in the Old Testament of the Egyptians, who came upon the Hebrews and slaughtered their infants; instead nowadays bonafide clinics use a vacuum, inserted through the cervix- homocide within the womb, instead of acknowledging God’s election, sinners have chosen to surgically reject Him, storing up wrath for themselves on the Day of His revelation, who knows the mercy of the Lord who is love, merciful and patient?

God who works wonders in the sea and in the heavens, is creating uniquely, observe Ecclesiastes 11, ‘Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things.’