Onyx: “Return to your rightful place and she shall be saved” 
Emerald: “But I will never be forgiven…” 
Onyx: “Not by her, but your child won’t see the grave.” 
Emerald: “From my father’s house, I have been out driven 
Such influence, no longer do I deserve” 
Onyx: “Am I not a guardian? Follow this path that I have paved” 

The night thrives when the sun flees 
Festus arrives to feed pigs 
Barely dressed, a cold breeze 
In this mess from an evening jig 
Slave to a man with many kids 
Nothing to emend, without guilt 
Caught in the mouth of a hungry shark 
Little fish is afraid, stuck and trapped 

He looks up the skies to stare into midnight’s gaze 
That bright shining vast, memories from early days 
Of  mother’s lullabies 
Through her songs of praise 
Stories from the wise
Of a flying goddess 
Who rules the skies 
A saviour to the godless 
Who wipes tears from eyes 
Both men and elves 

The master’s wife is a good lady 
She may extend help 
Tis dangerous and crazy 
But where else is hope? 
Dhaarmik is a believer in the gods 
She knows of the ancient magic 
She is respected and held above 
And not settled in this traffic 

The master’s wife is nice indeed 
Being the only one to see 
Past the selfish human “need” 
So when approached, obviously
Ways to care conceived 

She wanted to help, but could not betray 
Fearful of the effect, of her husband’s ways 
But saw the child as he wept, so she sent him away  

“Death has been yours, 
Given by fate,
Death has been yours, 
Korpis to date 
Death has been yours, 
No escape for your  state
Death will be yours, 
Unless you call and wait 
But, Life can be yours 
If you wait 
Life can be yours
A brand new state 
Life can be yours
Just call on this date 
Life will be yours,
When she comes and changes your fate” 

But the escape was discovered 
As Enochi and Nitropis could not 
Losing their grip on him, could not  
So Korpis put them undercover 
To kill both betrayers when caught 

Dhaarmik was murdered that night 
But Festus with all his strength fought
Dhaarmik’s song of hope his might
Hope for salvation from beyond 

After long minutes of aggression
After long minutes of resistance
Festus delivered the mortal blows 
Deeply saddened by the transgression
He fully welcomed  his resurrection 
…As he buried his friends or foes.

Freedom through betrayal and secrecy 
Blood and Tears covering his vest 
In gratitude for his mistress’s charity 
While his heart pounds in his chest
Out of fear for his fury

The young man steps out of darkness…