Roma has rejected me, O son of mine
For my persistent cries have brought her great shame
My tears have filled her cups like bitter wine
Now the traveler’s rimes not longer contain her name

There lives a joyless woman there
Whose songs of lamentation pollutes the air
Day-long she cries about a certain heir
No longer at her sight, will I stare!

So do they say
But for you, I shall stay
My son
My son
My son
How long until that day?

My son is lost…
Who will pay the cost?

Sold out to the most ruthless of masters
Faithless in his house
But to the world a great actor
Ruthless with his wife
But the town’s benefactor
Korporis is a godless man
But Dhaarmik is a faithful woman

Domhain is a peaceful border town
But Festus never sees her brighter side
Only at night is he allowed around
For the master is ashamed of his sight

Like a dog, he obeys his master’s command
Good or evil, right or wrong
Those are defined by the one who is strong
Like a dog who belongs to his master’s mind

Roma has swallowed me, O mother!
I once thought to be my own, but things are no longer the same
I don’t cry of solitude for I have two brothers
They are my companions in suffering  that Guilt and that Shame
Enochi always reminds me of my foolishness
And Nitropi tells me that I am worthless
I am in bondage but I love my chains
This master may be cruel

…But he feeds me grains