I would despair if not for grace if all I saw was the blood I’ve shed
It would be required at my hand because I condemned to death the Son of Man
No more just law broken and lightly esteemed
But the King on a cross, I can’t be redeemed
I dare not look up to the sky
He would not spare one such as I
Was it not that I cried with the crowd, “His blood be on us and on our children”?
How then now can this sin be forgiven?

Grace has taught my heart to know, that I can be washed white as snow
The blood that He shed was spilled for me;
Of His power, He laid down His life on Calvary.
He laid it down and took it again; rose, revived and ascended to heaven.
Nothing can explain my jubilation, He rose again for our justification.
“Father forgive them” was what He uttered,
for they know not what they do” made me shutter
But He made intercession for the transgressors
we persecuted Him and He proceeded to bless us.

The curtain of the temple was torn and the Holy of Holies exposed;
because His body was broken for me, the Christ died for His foes.
Now no longer I tremble in fear,
As a son to the throne of grace, I draw near.