You just confessed
To a murder that you committed
You’ve made a mess 
Your freedom has been forfeited
Now comes the stress 
Guilt and shame for the pain afflicted 
But you can sit and rest 
Because by God you’ve always been convicted 

So, fear the one who sends you to jail 
But fear most the one who can send you to hell 

Justice does not come from men 
For all have sinned 
In rejecting God’s command 
And those He sent 

But justice comes from God 
For, He just is 

So when guilty from transgression 
Not from men will judgment come 
For though your filth is to them evil action
But eternal crime toward God you’ve done 

Twenty to life is a long weekend
In comparison to eternal suffering 
No, you have not reached the deep end 
As long as you are able to breath 
So cry and scream, grieve your freedom
Yet do not die, but esteem
That God is lavishing wisdom 
On those who cry and scheme 
In search of the eternal kingdom 

So rise up guilty one 
And humble yourself before The King!