And the Lord said that he shall not be alone
So He elected for him a good companion
He took a knife and sliced off his bone
And from that bone came forth a champion
“Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh”
These words filled with joy, he proclaimed
For in her he knew to have found rest
Instituting this coveted shared flame
A blaze that consumes all known boundary
Conflagration unquenched by any quandary
Yet we are exposed to much dissolution
And many caused by pure confusion
Blindness, pride, lust and convulsion
Thus the mended is shattered
And the flame finally battered
The fruits of the union scattered
Shall he truly loose some of his bones
And ever hope to find suitable balance?
And How long would be his moans
Before falling back into an amorous trance?
Far from this is The Benevolent’s desires
Tis a despiteful picture to its designer
Though Warmth, Comfort, and Charm are issued
But conflict, uncertainty, and sadness
will pursuit
slicing off one’s bone is painful
And only by the Lord’s hand could it be restful
Adam could have died if awake
When God was mending Eve for his sake

-Benny Kiza