The wrath of God like strings of a puppet
Come down upon men who love it- sin-
That word, that concept, a nature twisted,
lived out in life everyday by the wicked.

As man eats and drinks and is merry,
he makes and crosses a deadly Enemy.
Is God supposed to treat sin as a trifle?
Does He smile at rebellion? No. He has a rifle!

Pointed at the face of man constantly
The bow of God strains tautly.
He readies all His deadly weapons
and reveals His fury from the heavens.

Raining down on the proud exultant ones
comes the staggering cup of drunkards,
the idle way of idolatry,
theories of the laboratory,
porno, obsessions, psychopathy,
exchanging the truth for blasphemy!

This is the wrath of God already,
experienced daily by the many.
I’ve seen so many people entangled
in sin and error from every angle
that they ramble on about their delusions,
clueless to how stupid and pointless their confusion is.

I’ve witnessed people in the dumps
because they are non-stop drunks,
every check day blowing their money,
thinking mud was cinnamon and honey.

Or “flailers” trippin’ out on “pint”
thinking that the government
is out to get them personally,
as if they were so deserving.

If not remedied by Divine condescension,
no one will listen even though His name is mentioned…