I once tried to help a crippled man shower
Then he lost control of his bowels and got louder.
Crying as he waited for paramedics
the sight of all was so pathetic,
and I thought
of the wrath of God.

On the last day when men are raised
to stand before the Judge amazed
Dead in sin but alive physically,
what will their bodies be?

I saw his body jiggle with flab
and I thought of the wrath of the Lamb.
A naked body, resembling death,
dominated and ruined by the flesh-
bare before the great white throne!

I looked upon this man who could not stand
and thought of the day when none will stand
but those who stand with the slain Lamb.

Horror gripped me!

Dripping, oozing, bubbling, burning,
boiling, bleeding, unclean, churning.

Thrown into the Lake of Fire to burn forever!
Into the fire that quenches never!
Goodbye friends, goodbye family,
goodbye parties, hello tragedy.

No, not here.

A bold faced man now will quiver then
as the vault of heaven turns pitch when
it should be day, and a loud roar sounds
as fire spews above and up from the ground.

When time has finally been spent,
man will have to reckon for every cent,
and for it pay the eternal conscious price
of torment in the presence of the Lamb, His angels, and in the view of His wife.

Unless God grants you the necessary faith and repentance
your body and soul will be destroyed forever in that dimension
called Hell.