Yes, yes I know! The phrase was stolen and modified
Fortunately, I doubt that many will realize my transgression
So I rest for their inscience keeps me un-mortified
And I smile upon this salvation!

Now on with it! I have a song to write
For I am exhausted and famished
And nothing seems so right
Monsieur blue is lavished
And lord Sun is courting Ms. Night

So I take my brain and quill
With my pain and skill
To write one more song
And this time I will hear
Where I last went wrong

Oh! There goes my inkwell!
Now on the floor lies all my premature notes
For I just can’t sit well
Won’t help my clumsiness promote

This celebration has whispers of a wake
Would manage to play a happy piece
To be found feeding the heartbreak
Devoid of joy and peace
Any sight of life seems to be fake

It makes me wonder…Is the music for me to make?