To you I will give the republic

I dictate but only for a while
First let’s handle Pompey’s file
Then the power be to the public
On second though I shall keep it all
But 23 strikes was my fall

And all seems to be turning into ashes

I am determined to purge the senate
With my uncle’s blood in flashes
Ave Antonius, Ave Lepidus
Let’s erase the hypocrites from the planet
In honor of Rome in honor of Julius

Mother married the Augustus

Am I now to become Augustus?
I am a man of war, a man of mud
And now to be drawn in silk
Ending up drawn in my own blood

I guess that’s the tree on which I was born

In my kind there reigns death and exile
And I witnessed the madness of old age
I was becoming child of the reptile
Pretty soon little boots left the cage
Now with an empire for playground
What goes around will come around

What me? It surely can’t be

Humiliated and ignored since birth
I escaped the joy of being of the elite
All changed when I imagined my last breath
The old uncle is now head of the elite
They can now see I am Augustus from birth

My mother wants the price but I am here

The people, my people for me they cheer
But for those who hate I will give fear
I will give them games and chariot races
I will give them riches for their embrace
But at the end, an artist they all waste

-Benny Kiza