King rat lived in a land far away
In his land, everyone dwelled in caves of clay
But not the King, his castle was made out of sun ray
So big was it, we could behold it from every way
He has been happy for centuries
Ruling over the Mischief without company
Wisely, powerfully and lovingly
He ruled

Now all the Bucks, the Does, and the Kittens were blind
Sadly ignorant of their defect as darkness ruled their mind
They believed themselves settled
Free, wild and un-crippled
Into each other, they repeatedly bump
Turning their houses of clay into dump
And themselves into frump
an unruly mischief

And King Rat looked at his mischief and was sorry…
“With whom will I share my nest?”
The King Rat asked himself
“To whom will I show my best?”
The King Rat asked himself
“With whom will I share my rest?”

The King Rat asked himself
“My mischief is lost for blindness reigns
The land is dry; there is no one to water
But in their blindness, no one even does bother
T’will be a great cost, to bring back the rains”

The King Rat said
“All running here in there
Trapped in their coffins made of clay
Believing their lives to be fair
But to darkness forever prey”

The king rat said
“The sun shall reign upon this land
but first send love into their dark ways
It is the only path unto insight
With power from my hand…”

And the King Rat made the jump
A longer fall cannot be known
For into him they all bump
A longer fall cannot be known
For they turned him into dump
A longer fall cannot be known
for they left him a frump

“…They will see me as friend
Their dark mind shall be bright
And we will forget these dark days
For I shall live with them until the end”

The End?

-Benny Kiza