I formed you, O Israel
I created you, O Jacob
I choose you, O church
Rivers of blood have I shed
Nations and peoples have I shred

For your sake and my glory
I gave you a new name
I removed your shame
I allowed you to be called son
And while my justice being shown
I spared you under the sun
Now turn away from your iniquity
O daughter of Zion, tis calamity
Distance thou self from Babylon
For its shining beauty is hot iron
She will warm then burn you

For your sake and my glory
From Jacob whom I elect
To Israel whom I choose
And from Judah will he erect
David wouldn’t wear his shoes
Before Abraham was, He Is
He called Moses out of bushes
To deliver His people from Isis
Then turned Jericho into ashes

For your sake and my glory
He shall leave his Father’s throne
Dressed in his enemies robe
He will be given a diadem of thorn upon a cross will he be enthroned
At last, he shall cry victory
For your sake and My glory

-Benny Kiza