I never built sandcastles, but I built a castle
A magnificent home filled with memories
Shared with all my faithful in battle
The dreams of the man with friends and a family

I never built tree houses, but I built a house
A family tree that could reach the infinity
Enough descendent to compete with the mouse
So to be free and embrace eternity

I had this obsession with relationships
Strategically, methodically and passionately
Wishing to share in the great call to courtship
Suddenly, desperately and rarely

Now in my slow-dancing with time
As the music fades and her whispers get louder
I realized that I am no longer in my prime
This short dance hath rid me of all power

My magnificent castle is turning into glass
Melodious memories replaced with time’s whispers
I never climbed the tree but I can smell the grass
Horrendous delivery, the aroma of the grim reaper