My chere Sophie,

It is in despair and fed by great nostalgia that I write to you this here letter
I hope that you will receive it in time before I am eaten by this hungry weather
As you can tell, I do not think of things turning any better.
Jean was taken yesterday, Francois in critical state
therefore, sealed seems to be my fate
I have heard of entire villages extinguished
And child and cattle no longer distinguish
Yes my dear, a parent was forced to feed of her own offspring
We are all on our knees praying for a well-awaited spring
As I sit Shivering by this here fireplace
I reminisce of our shared better days
When drunken by the harvest
Surrounded by family and friends
And blessed by our marital quest
O how I long to pursue such ends
O how I wish I could take your hands
From your father’s and be to you the best
To take you through strange lands
In pursuit of this precious call into mission
As I said ma cherie, I am in deep depression
Slowly being devoured by pure yearning
But in me, something stronger is burning
Mon amour, I suffer from a great fear
Are my memories of you ghostly?
Has this winter been to me much costly?
Will this letter of mine ever find you
Or have you already said Adieu?

-Ton Amour

-Benny Kiza