I am so full of joy I could almost shed tears
at the thought of being in the family of God
that spans so many generations and so many years,
all bearing witness to the Only Son of God!

Not so distant anymore, I see father Abraham,
and there stands Elijah, Augustine, C.H. Spurgeon,
a great throng of people surround the Lamb-
our God is with us, He is worthy, and He is worshipped.

In only a short time now death will take me,
but by the life of Christ it cannot break me!
I will sit at Christ’s feet adoring, in blazing glory,
“Holy, holy, holy!” will pour forth from me!

Praise be to God for glorious grace, I’m saved!
He did predestine me to share in the life of His Son!-
and gave that perfect Lamb to be my Savior,
and rise to win me and wipe my tears gone!