I once heard a sad sad story

Of a country far far away
When men lived for gore, pride, and glory
And “revolyutsiya” the song of the day
In this here sad story
Which starts in the month of May
We will see men’s sad folly
As one becomes the other’s prey
Here’s where starts this story

On a sad coronation day
The inception of a man’s purgatory
That will to the world be on display
About a nation and family is this story
And for setting a picture of doomsday
When men lived for gore, pride, and glory
As dusk of The Great War on the way
About a Tsar is this story
And his death on a sad Wednesday
As sacrifice on the altar of lady Liberty
His countrymen eradicated his DNA
A king, A husband and a father…

As I look back in the corridor of time

I see heroes and victims on prime
I see great men and their feats
And lesser men’s  great defeats
Earlier in my life, I developed a love for history
That love led my discovery of a great mystery
An open secret that we all refuse to face
At that time my heart was in great disgrace
For this dark secret indwelled the human race
I discovered the evil that dwelled within me
My heart was convinced that we were all guilty
Murderous, envious, merciless and filthy

My first date with the heart of men was a lady named Romanov

Her household was in disarray and her face the subject of scoff
She was old and hated by her children
For they believed her to be reptilian
But somehow, I felt sadness compassion and love
I started following her news,
and seeking to know her more
Until one day she gave me the blues
For my love for her opened a door
To humanity ’s long hidden bruise
I witness the works of hatred
And its disregard of the sacred
Her children decided to murder her
Becoming executor, jury, and accuser
In her death, I saw pride, gore, and glory
A full display of men’s deep folly

The last Romanov became Tsar in May

Unfortunate he didn’t have what it took
So “revolution” became the Russian’s hook
And on July 17, they agreed to put him away
His family’s death ended the Romanov Dynasty
Starting Russia’s now well-known destiny

-Benny Kiza