How fast can the humming bird flap it’s wings? And what is the rate and rhythm at which the sparrow sings? Is it for shear joy? O Lord You know. All creation shows forth Your goodness!

Every ecosystem interwoven together like spiders and flies, and those that take up flight in the skies, viewing their prey in the great food chain. The lioness hunts for the one who wears the mane, but the King of all is God, and He is beautiful!

The sunset and sunrise beam with visible light to the naked eyes, but the invisible gamma rays go undetected while You superintend it with ability to bend it. But like the law of gravity You uphold all that happens in Your dominion by Your powerful word.

O Lord You know every thought of man, every mystery in the universe that You have decided to disclose, every plan for the future You sovereignly guide, because we were made by You and for You Lord Jesus who died. In You all things hold together.

How stunning is it that we call  it General Revelation, when it bequeaths to man such awe and sensation at the handiwork wrought by the One who owns our breath and the cattle on a thousand hills! Such breathtaking views that send chills down the spine pale in comparison with the truth that defines the gospel: God died for our sins and was resurrected. How thoughtful! What is man that You are mindful of him, or the son of man that You visit him? Though God thinks logically He is above it, and with all the saints I cannot seem to figure out as to why He has done it. Only that His love surpasses knowledge, the breadth and length, height and depth of which calls for eternal glory and homage.

Imagio Dei was made from clay, and the Image of the invisible God Himself assumed our very frame in a selfless pursuit to represent and recreate a people to dwell with. Paradise restored is better that never lost, even though the devil goes to hell with many a soul. I can’t spell it out in its entirety, but history is Yours! O Lord You know!

~my Master’s greatest debtor