(Written on a mangy piece of paper that on the flipside contained this alliteration, “The Preeminent Prince of Peace powerfully pursues His people providentially producing proper positional predestined pleasantness.” Circa 2013)

Lay down the ancient foundation, Jesus Christ the Elect.
That precious Stone. Behold His glory!
Rejected by the builders, laid bare, scorned, crushed.
They razed the Temple and It was raised again.
He was set apart for the untaught,
and those who didn’t ask for Him came.

(Written on an Old Spaghetti Factory placemat. Circa 2014)

My prison,
it didn’t consist of a concrete rectangular prism.
My prison…was sin.
Confined from within,
dead in sin,
with nothing to look forward to but fire and brim-
the chemical element of atomic number 16,
a yellow combustible nonmetal.

(Written on the back of directions to Banff while driving there. Circa 2015)

Christianity is Christ and it is a fight to the finish,
a race one runs without calling it quits
until one beholds the prize looked forward
to the whole time of Christ the Forerunner who went on before us.
The strength of the Lord restores us and renews our inner man day by day,
even though the outer man perishes and undergoes decay,
because bodily exercise profits a little while,
while godliness is profitable now and hereafter.
What’s the matter with Christians seeking a life here and now rather
than looking to Christ our pattern?
In the world but not of it,
and heaven above is our home, we have dual citizenship,
and while we are here in the body we seek no partnership
with those who dwell on the earth.
More worth it is to lose our lives for the gospel of Christ,
to experience death, then resurrection,
God’s protection is ours now to give Him all we have and pass it on to the next generation,
seeking first His kingdom and righteousness until cosmic regeneration…

(Written in angst thinking of Psalm 115. Circa 2014)

There are a lot who take instruction
from an inanimate object and suction
themselves into temples to serve devils,
demons animate gold, silver, wood, and stone,
cold, without pulse, breath, not even a moan
from its throat because God alone
is the One who is God
an idol is nothing.
The angel of death even destroyed Egypt’s gods,
an idol is nothing.

“Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”
I encourage you to get into your Bibles.
Read Psalm 115, Isaiah 44,
1 Samuel 5, Exodus 20 verse 4.
Like king Jehu we should turn shrines into latrines,
but what would become of our precious TVs?
I have done this to a Book of Mormon,
it was placed inside the porcelain,
but this too is vanity…

(Probably written with Joel Osteen on the mind. Circa 2014)

People discombobulate the word,
corroborated by the devil they heard
whisper in their ear a lot of lies
blended in with truth and disguised
as an angel of light, a worker of righteousness,
their end is destruction.
Like Balaam they’re sightlessness,
without compunction,
they hate sheep and love evil,
they lust after greedy, sensual people,
they give them death and eat money
(this isn’t funny),
they give them their corrupt doctrine,
and discourage anyone from reading the word of God while mocking.
God’s spokesmen have already spoken,
“and the Scriptures cannot be broken.”