I sin with my soul almost more than any member,
though Gnostics disagree I get displaced affections.
Don’t hide behind the lie like you don’t empathize
with my sinful condition when I can see it in your eyes
we’re in need of greater salvation.

Like most Christians I’m afraid to reveal
the hidden evils that I feel
and despise what can’t be easily detected,
but that’s a lie since my face is still affected,
bearing witness to the need of full scale salvation.

Since the day of my birth I’ve learned manipulation,
not as much from my environment by imitation,
but by implication in the fall of man
my nature’s incongruent with the plan
or design before the need for salvation.

I feel I need a double portion of His Spirit
just to emote properly and get with it.
My emotional baggage is not a pretty carry on,
I’d like to lose it in the transfer and carry on
with better things that belong to salvation.

Sinful anger, apathy, passion, evil desire,
are to be overcome by the Spirit’s desire
gratified consistently so it becomes walking.
Lord cut me deeper than my doctrine
and empower me to live out your salvation.

We feel with the mind and think with the heart
and in the gospel God saves every part,
draws them in, brings them together,
immaterial, physical, whatever,
nothing’s lacking from wholesale salvation.

My only hope is that God felt as man
separated from Family affection.
Set apart as the one to lift my sin
from off my soul and onto Him
and give me joy in salvation.