From the fortunate Augustus
to Aurelius’ contemplation
The thirty-three strikes from Julius
Brought forth this creation 

When the voices of the public went silent
And the tyrants of old resurfaced
During a season of fear and violence
We saw this peace be purchased

“Octavius liberated us from the liberators !”
“Did Marcus truly persecuted the Christians?”

The warring emperor opened his doors to peace
And the peaceful monarch saw it cease
Both were thrown in the midst
Of something that was clearly fixed

Once satisfied with their foreign policies
Their focus turned toward the domestic
T’was the beginning of the peaceful years
Now that you have ears…its time to hear!

On the twenty-eighth year reign of emperor Augustus
during the early days of the Pax Romana
Which was the perfect setting for a redemptive drama
The world saw the birth of The Prince of Peace