1_Break forth ye hills and sing,
clap your hands ye trees for joy.
“Your God reigns!”- Christ the king!
“Behold your God!”- a baby Boy!

Hark! ye night, and burst to day,
for, this Child, He is the Way!

2_The great King deigns to bring,
His righteousness, peace, and joy;
with healing in His wings.
So we leap like freed calves for joy!

3_But no bad beast may tread,
the straight Way of Holiness.
Called, chosen, faithful led
by the Lamb wherever He goes.

4_Come and delight to see,
the King in humility;
His steps to glory be,
with greatest sting of hot fury.

5_But even unto death,
to His own belongs no sting.
He took it in His breast,
and then left it to us to sing!

6_Prepare for His return,
for this Child has come of age.
Ungodly men will burn
at the end of this evil age.



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