Note from the author:

This poem is a charade, a type of poem that was popular in the 18th century. Charades were cryptic poems with a hidden word in them. The person who received the poem was supposed to guess the word the poem portrayed. They had a wide range of difficulty and format.

In stately glory enthroned on high
She sits on couch of velvet sky
And naught has fixed her in the air
Do you know my lady fair?

The jewel of heaven shining forth
Now in the south, now in the north
Clothed in brilliant marble white
Do you know my lady bright?

Shadows playing light of silver
See the shadows dance and quiver
As she gazes on a star
Do you know my lady far?

Beautiful queen of the midnight sky
Thy Maker promised thou wilt never die
Till the earth shall fall into the past
And we shall be with God at last