Often we like David want to make a house for God that looks nice,
but should see like Solomon its not the end- just a place to sacrifice.
I’m applying this analogy
to the discipline of systematic theology.
Systematics are the sum of a biblical theology,
and both are rooted in Genesis 1 to 3 realities.
Starting here God progressively reveals Himself to men as much as we can now bear,
our job is to follow the path there.
This is an attempt to, in a limited way like a temple,
capture His glory and show off our Master.

Who You are cannot be contained
by the finite medium of words and fully understood
by men of a limited capacity;
You defy all attempts to get to You rationally.
You who spoke the universe into being
and breathed into existence everything bring
Yourself to our eyes and ears
and cannot escape our notice-
all creation shows this-
the heavens that can’t contain You
represent a visible and invisible frame to
demarcate a sacred space and Holy of Holies,
and the earth being a sanctuary You place
Your image in and from which Your glory and grace
proceed to cover the entire breadth,
You are infinite, magnificent.
You Lord God, as You first revealed Yourself to be,
formed out of chaos a livable, manageable platform
to perform the ultimate three part drama arising from
what would become the backbone of Your salvific reign over men,
the covenants starting in creation,
reaching all the way to the zenith of Your progressive revelation of Yourself-
Words being to thoughts what clothing is to us
You communicated Your mind one thought at a time
in the simple brilliance of earthly language,
and transmitted it from oral tradition to the more sturdy, pages.
In this Lord You committed Your authoritative voice
speaking on all it does to have the last say,
and being true have kept it from erring
even while instrumentally using men’s personalities and bearing
the vicissitudes of centuries.
In this multi-volume document that definitively is special revelation,
all that You have revealed is for the congregation,
to be appealed to with self-attestation
just as Eve should have continued to do amid demonic remonstration.
Like Adam we have often not stepped up to the challenge of
handling Your word apologetically, and thrust out the enemy,
even though to neglect to do so is to risk our family, and everything.
You the ineffable One speak plainly of Yourself
through the world and to the world but preeminently, though not exhaustively,
through the inscripturated canon between two testaments,
Lord thank You.
As Moses wrote of the realities in Adam’s unfallen condition
You and him put two and two together with precision
the details outlining all that would unfold in the end,
while underpinning every subsequent type and structure put in place
to mend our perspective and eye what pattern You intended,
and thus would be brought from wrath to grace:
Adam is the paradigm, proleptic of Christ, the end time
Savior of men,
making the Last like the first.
But what he spoke of was more limited
than those who read the scrolls and imitated his notes.
O Breath of God You moved them to take notice
of what was hinted at and move beyond Moses
to take our thoughts higher and capture
Your imagination and original plan of man
restored to a better than original creation, a pristine condition
where Your rule and Yours only is maintained without division,
through visions, angels, dreams and prophets You continued
to reveal that You are good, and have good planned
toward man who had sinned.
Just after our sin and in the midst of cursing
You Lord made a promise to us unworthy
sinners that through the woman’s pain there would be hope,
that You would slit the serpent’s throat:
You Yourself would put enmity
between Your children and the enemy,
then One specific Seed,
while being bitten would succeed
to crush his head and all would be regained-
the aim then became to search and wait for the One
whose loss would be our gain.
He came,
but it wasn’t Cain.
It wasn’t any successive Adam figure that could rule and reign
the way that Adam was intended,
a sinful fall couldn’t be prevented,
but You preserved a remnant.
Making oath bound commitments to relationship
with mankind are Your chiefest gifts,
and the way You see fit to be the vehicle
to bring Your kingdom to people.
Creation covenant’s sequel
seals well with a tell tale sign, the bow,
that You will not let Your good creation go.
The land for man anew would be thereby preserved,
reserved for fire to purify it of idols that deserve it.
You called a servant Abram,
gave him basically the same datum
as would be repeated down to David:
the blessing of Adam, the crown of creation,
graciously given through fulfilled conditions,
thus securing the promises You made without condition-
provision would be made.
The two covenants that split the pages
and represent two ages,
began with the respective number one
when You rescued Israel Your firstborn son.
With a mighty hand and outstretched arm as at the beginning
You hardened Pharaoh through his intentional sinning,
and brought the children of Israel out of Egypt:
You to be their God, they to be Your people.
You redeemed them by the passover lamb,
through water on dry land,
carried them to Sinai,
and then as Suzerain gave what duties the vassal was assigned:
613 commandments in all,
to be kept without a fall,
love to God and man the goal:
they fell.
Cursed for disobedience Lord You were ready to abandon them,
they deserved it for they failed to keep what You commanded them,
and throughout subsequent centuries no cure was forthcoming,
as the repeated sacrifices just reminded them of their guilt and overwhelming
distance between a holy God and a sinful creature:
a new covenant was necessary to fill in the breach there.
When the Substance came to which these things had pointed
the Anointed One fulfilled every point of this non-disjointed
law for Israel’s governance
that as law-covenant, we’re under none of it,
yet every sentence of it has relevance
to us as prophecy of the gospel and wisdom in the new exodus:
an organic, yet eschatologically transformed use of this
perfect, royal law of liberty,
fit for kings and sons passed puberty.
The 10 words (part for whole)
only demand the goal that love is,
Christ the end of the of law fulfilled all righteousness
and we imitate Him as our law which is one in essence-
that love is;
and love acting according to its own nature
according to not just the spirit, but the letter of the New Testament
can be condemned by the law no longer.
This new covenant is the bottom of the hour glass
that through Your Son brings all the previous ones to pass;
gives the Spirit to more than just 70 elders,
makes priesthood common to all its members,
democratizes David’s covenant mercies
(the blessing) to His seed and fills the land from sea to sea
with renewed images:
You are our God and we are Your people.
This begins with Christ’s first coming through to His sequel,
but mere grammatico-historical Old Testament readings
will not reach these New Testament conclusions
that entail the concept of mystery: unexpected beginning
spiritual fulfillment of Old Testament predictions,
(not liberal, but a biblical-theological hermeneutic)
nonetheless literal, but awaiting their consummation-
and Genesis 1 through 3 is where it all begins.

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.

All I’m saying is God has revealed Himself definitively,
this is seen progressively and defended presuppositionally
against those that bock at Scriptures’ inspiration,
canonization, inerrancy, authority and preservation.
This is the story You have written,
not just a book of ancient wisdom,
or good rules for man to live by,
but the theological epic of God glorified
in the provision and exaltation of His Son-
His kingdom through covenant, kingdom through Christ,
and all Your people know that its Your word.