In order to do eschatology properly,
we need to be excited about protology,
parallel to the last things,
the blossom finds it’s root in the first things:
the image of God faces temptation from the serpent intruding the temple,
who if subdued would lead to consummate blessing,
but if obeyed would lead to endless suffering;
The Image of God faced tribulation of apocalyptic proportions,
subdued the serpent and wasn’t deceived by his notions,
or that of his hypocritical friends,
reversed death by taking it thus He is Himself the beginning of the end;
in union with Him by His Spirit His temple now faces
the tribulation by the man of sin behind many faces,
that foe to be conquered when in person he is revealed,
but is held back until Christ comes to resurrect and judge the whole world.
The last things start in the garden
and we see fits of it and restarts,
but when their New Testament counterparts begin
eternity touches down into history,
leaving us with the concept of mystery:
things portrayed physically start spiritually,
things that seem all at once start slow, but retain their true identity,
and the resultant views are too many.
But You will come in body, glorious, and powerful,
raise the dead, judge the world and restore the natural
created order to a new one fit for life in resurrected bodies,
together with God in a cosmic Holy of Holies.
Your rightful reign, creation regained,
co-ruling all things with men You renamed!
Why? Because even unfallen Adam couldn’t participate,
without glorification, in the eternal state
that would have eventuated should he have obeyed,
so the last Adam made it possible, like sublimation,
to skip straight to resurrection- the rapture,
coterminous with Christ’s second, that is, final coming to capture
living saints and raise the rest, thus killing death.
The untamed beasts have authority only a little while longer,
and the devil will come out even stronger,
bound now to prevent a premature apocalypse
(that’s what deceiving the nations is meant),
keeping the nations coming to and not coming at Jesus
to then behold the one event that will make the outspoken speechless.
Crush with your fist a cardboard diorama,
that’s what Jesus did in the 70 AD drama,
but take the real world and enfold it in fire,
this is the ultimate day of the Lord we desire.
You’ll be revealed, You’re presence will appear,
What now seems insignificant will be clear
on the day with all Your angels, triumphant shouts and trumpet,
the dead will rise as the stars plummet,
leaving no post-apocalyptic wasteland,
only the new heavens and new earth, our chaste land
You died to secure, and began bodily,
reigning in resurrected glory from the throne of David with the godly
souls beheaded for their faithful witness,
crowding mount Zion with this message.

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.