Who You are can be explained by the Names You revealed over centuries,
manifesting the attributes behind Your mighty ways.
A god whose ways are like ours is an idol,
but the God whose ways are not like man’s produced the Bible,
made the universe and called it all very good,
called by man (but not the serpent) as the Lord God-
covenant Lord, Yahweh, and Creator.
This is how man originally knew his maker
(which significantly was not used again until much later,
Exodus 9:30,
bearing witness to a covenant that early).
Between those two, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
knew God Almighty to be steadfast in love and faithful.
But You did not reveal Your Name Yahweh to them
until You said I AM WHO I AM.
(Yes the transcendent self-existent One- which is true of Deity,
but the covenant keeping One, not just aseity).
The greatest revelation of Your Name was imparted
when Moses sought Your face but could only see Your back parts.
The proclamation of the Name revealed You,
and who You are is spelled out in Your attributes:
”the Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious”,
Lord of Yourself, as You are ”slow to anger”;
covenantal in very nature
as You are ”full of steadfast love and faithfulness,
keeping steadfast love for thousands [of generations],
forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin”-
severity is next, but You accent Your kindness within!-
”but who will by no means clear the guilty,
visiting the iniquity
of the fathers on the children and the children’s children,
to the third and the fourth generation”.
David spoke of Your greatness in Psalm 139,
which we call Your omnicompitence when combined:
You are where You are and where You are nothing isn’t,
though You mask or make known to the soul Your omnipresence
(Your circumference is nowhere, Your center is everywhere);
in omnipotence You have no lassitude,
as in omniscience You know no finitude.
Only such a God could create all out of nil
and because You are Spirit not get caught in it all.
And, I dare not say plus, You are holy,
set apart and set above your creation so lowly.
Yet You are not different from OT to NT,
an impossibility for a simple entity:
not a compound of parts or substances,
subject to change, deterioration, or confusion,
but You are One in nature, yet existing in three Persons.
One Lord or God to use biblical language,
but revealed as One in three equal Hypostases;
Jesus and the Spirit are unequivocally called Lord
and God by themselves and each other throughout the word;
next, the quality of each Person in relation to eternity,
attributes, acts, and each other demonstrate equality.
In one way You covenant, create, and redeem
with subordinate succession like a team,
yet from eternity, according to Your Being,
each Person possesses full authority.
O Lord, Your Name that was written across redemption history
has reached period with Jesus in the first century,
and because of His cross the attribute of love is central.
To quote Moody it’s ”the dome of the temple”.
”Central” to but not more than any other because You are simple-
”omnipotence is the power of love; omniscience is the eye…;
omnipresence [its] atmosphere; holiness and justice [its] purity and fire”-
but compared to Octavius God’s word has gotta be above-
”God is love”.
Before the fall Your decreed plan
to save yet to be created people through one Man,
and give the rest of the mass of humanity its just desserts
(not just a possibility)
even though justice hurts is not cruelty.
Accordingly the serpent deceived Eve with his own subtlety,
it was according to his nature, and her choice to believe him,
and Adam’s choice not to belie him,
yet over all these wills and destinies
the plan was actuating in Your sovereignty.
King of hearts You move them wherever You’re desiring,
and yet without contravening their innate wiring,
so masterful!
The summit of this subject on providence
is seen in the cross where to rightly align our conscience
to Scripture we picture the Son of God slain by sinners
actually guilty men,
unknowingly carrying out by Your sovereign plan.
This gives reason to obey the gospel call, repent and believe,
and live holy lives while praying that You will heed,
not non-canonical philosophical freewill axioms.
Brethren, behold God in action!

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.