Before the beginning ever was Lord You were
ever existent just as much as the Others,
You are existentially one with the Spirit and Father.
To Your glory Lord You condescended to be the covenant executor,
then created all things to be the grandest theater
upon which Your images play the roles You assign,
and in You reach the telos of Your own design.
Your wrath Lord- no one could bear up or come out from under it,
nor the highest angel incarnate be the Angel of the covenant.
You came in the flesh so You could be relatable
as the representative Man of elect man, not to help angels.
All this was anticipated in the garden:
the Lord God promised the Seed of the woman-
strong enough to crush the snake, raise Himself from death,
and make creation perfect with man immortally dressed.
Thus Michael may oust the devil, but he could never crush him,
the seed comes to clearer view with every successive covenant:
who is sufficient in his person to bless the nations,
create a people from nil and bring them to new creation?
Who may ascend to Yahweh’s throne and rule the kingdom?
Only the same One who descended from heaven,
united His Divine Nature in all its fullness
to a real body and reasonable soul in its humanness
minus sin since the Spirit produced a conception so holy-
not Godhead in place of soul or a phantom body,
but one Person, Jesus the Messiah
with two distinct, but united Natures the size of
their respective properties:
one immutable and infinite, the other not, but both properly
have reference to Christ the Person.
To those who cavil I ask the question:
How do you crucify the Lord of glory?
The promised One is the One who promised,
yet we can distinguish the Son from the Father
who though to see One is to see the Other,
One was Sent and the Other the Sender.
The first man was a type of You who were to come,
a son-prophet-priest-king in covenant, through which the kingdom comes,
acting as a representative for all in him at the tree.
But You Lord far past the man do exceed:
he was a son by creation in God’s image,
but You are the unique Son by eternal lineage;
he only multiplied a cursed progeny,
but You fill the earth with a blessed seed;
he disobeyed and didn’t protect his wife at the tree,
You obeyed unto death for the sake of Your Eve.
Unlike him You listened to the Father,
from heaven You came and sought her,
and with Your own blood payed the dowry
of this marriage arranged in eternity,
bone of bone, flesh of flesh,
from the side of our Lord at death.
Blood and water sufficient to span earth and heaven,
get men from the farthest reaches and bring them
with praises back to Zion,
out of exile in Your resurrection,
being made ready for presentation,
and what God has put together no man can put asunder.
All hail Him!

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.