When You Lord set up Your image in the garden temple
the man was like a son following his father’s example,
extending the borders,
painted with the colors of prophet, priest, king
in covenant with Yahweh,
made to bring out the inlaid
raw material and build bigger-
and Lord how long shall fallen man build their ziggurat!
Defiant and rebellious.
Please come and squelch this nonsense!
Man is a living soul, part for whole,
and You redeem the soul first,
then the dirt.
Our pain and dearth was caused by a man first,
then we sin and disrupt our souls further.
Our first father in his prime was our covenant head
and if he’d continued no doubt earth would have collapsed into heaven,
but for the good of many brethren,
the Man Jesus Christ was ordained to save them,
You are our nearest kinsmen,
we don’t have the same flesh as Simians,
because You created mankind ”in the beginning”-
billions of years would preclude such rhetoric.
Genesis gives rise to biblical sexual ethic:
woman from man at first, now the reverse,
neither independent, for man woman was meant,
man ought not to cover his head, but women
naturally have long hair as a symbol of authority,
demonstrates to men and angels her non-autonomy;
both genders have parts that fit together,
and as one flesh they forsake father-mother;
she imitates the submission of the church to Christ,
and he the He has for His one wife,
His weaker vessel: less weight and muscle,
softer skin, longer hair, higher voice,
and different chromosomes by His choice-
destroyed by the communist
LGBTQ2 agenda to brainwash the most defenseless-
their aim is to deface God’s image till its gone,
sexually destroy them while they’re young.
Here is wisdom,
Nebuchadnezzar stood on two feet and the mind of a man was given him.
Out of the churning, swirling sea came monsters,
sub-human mutations from the unstable waters- the nations,
the antithesis of God’s first and final creation
meant to reflect and represent the rule of heaven on the land.
People don’t want to stand with and like the Son of Man,
they’d rather join the king of Babylon down on the ground-
confused like Wolverine-
but whatever looks like a beast, walks and talks like a beast will be put down.

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.