Inside of man, under all the tissue,
sin is real the issue.
For all that is in the world- the desire of the eyes,
the desire of the flesh, and the pride of life,
all were present in Eve’s decision,
the world intruded in the satanic temptation.
She was deceived and believed what was spoken,
and all mankind died with the sin of Adam.
Conscience kicked into action,
hiding, dying,
fired before the job was finished,
with well earned frowns and a gracious smile
we with our parents go into exile.
From here conditions only worsened,
the Old Testament documents some of the worst sin,
but none worse than the rejection of Christ
by attributing the clear work of the Holy Spirit through Him
to the prince of demons,
not even topped by the murder of Jesus
(that too has been forgiven),
and those who turn with revulsion at such an insinuation
with repentance and seeking mercy are not in that situation,
I know.
The sin of Adam brought legal guilt to all immediately,
and then a fallen nature in a mediate way,
(seminal infection to the nth generation).
Yes, You are just Lord!
This introduced to us the concept of the flesh taught
by Paul based on the Jewish thought
of a two age eschatological continuum
redefined since Christ, but underpinned by Adam:
the sphere in which our faculties are opposed to the Spirit.
Selfish has flesh written all over it;
sin puts the captive in captivated;
it deceives us into thinking slavery
is sweet and savory;
because Adam wasn’t wary
we have obituaries.
But above all the greatness of how offensive this thing is,
is when we see who the offended One is.
Only on the basis of the shed blood of the Lamb
can the great I AM
be propitious towards us,
bring grace down yet not lower His righteousness.
This righteousness never changes from one covenant to the next,
though the law code differs from Adam’s probationary test,
to Noah, Sinai, and to David as administrator over Israel,
subsequently fulfilled by You Lord Jesus the true Israel.
Now the depths of love have been plumbed infinitely,
to serve as our covenant law and command us spiritually,
thus summing up and fulfilling any other commandment
that has or could be given,
when we imitate the act that made sins forgiven.

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.