In the beginning the Spirit of God hovered over the waters
akin to the ancient thought of chaos-
without form and void.
Your work with the Word in creation
is not all up to speculation,
because You worked through fallible men
to write with the pen
exactly what You wanted, what they wanted,
what they had studied and pondered,
used their skill to say it the best way the knew how,
yet all superintended by You in a way we don’t know how,
so that the outcome was God-breathed Scriptures-
not God-breathed writers.
You made the heavens shine with luster,
pierced the Leviathanic monster,
glorified the Son of God as the Father’s executor,
and filled the man so he became a living creature.
The whole garden like a temple was full of Your presence,
until the couple were forced to seek new residence,
and dwelling in tents with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
the places You name and make up-
a holy space where God and man commune in
close and necessarily clean quarters, a union
based on God deigning and man approaching
with the blood of types of the encroaching
Son of the age to come…
now come already,
but not yet in its fullest sense.
Heaven touched earth and left an intoxicating incense
to fill the earth undoing Babylon
(though since the last century some babble on).
From Head to the collar of His robes
down the beard and on the anointing flows,
a river of life from Zion outward,
increasing depth as you go onward,
too deep to swim in,
with fishes of all sorts therein,
caught and brought out by fishers of men
feeding on the tree of life, healing leafs, new creation…
out of the chaos of the cross by Your resurrection power,
possessing virtue to give life at any hour.
Lord, You are worthy!
We were dirty!
But You clean us by the sprinkled blood of Jesus,
create a holy space and remain in us for ceaseless
renovating work with resurrection ardor
until by Your power
we are transformed into the image of the Man of heaven,
in soul and body, the inner and outer man.
Lord, make us less inclined to the Adam we really are freed from
to always have the mind of Christ in new creation freedom
living in the Spirit and walking where you lead us,
because You’ve put Your seed in us.
What else can we do?
What can we turn to? The law?
You seal our adoption as sons and call
out “Abba! Father!”,
just like the Man in the garden-
and its all rooted in the man in the garden.

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.