You progressively take us like a pilgrim
beyond the Shadow of Doubt through the Valley of Vision,
to the Captain of the ship Salvation
that always reaches its predestination.
This starts before ”the beginning”,
before creation, or Adam’s or our own sinning.
In love You predestined people still to be created,
who then would fall and out of that mass be re-created,
selected to inherit eternal life before death entered,
and the Son of God is the center,
the fountain Head and covenant Lord of each good seed,
sown, dead in sin, then risen as a pure breed.
The wicked are made for the day of disaster,
created and hardened in time by the wise Master craftsman,
their flaws are their own, and their sin not atoned for,
marked beforehand like a check mark.
But the sons of the kingdom look just like their equals,
until You bring about our birth’s sequal,
through the gospel word of power,
drawing, teaching, gifting, granting at the proper hour,
since we have an ill will in all things moral:
voluntary yes, vile yes- “voluntile”.
So in salvation we do truly slash must be “voluntold” to come,
drawn by bands of love
then logically proceeding from union with Christ-
born from above.
With a change of heart repentance is quickened,
(the benchmark of effective conviction),
coming with nothing but a look to Jesus,
we grasp Him with faith, with an open hand receiving,
speechless maybe, prayerful inevitably,
Father You see us coming and run out to hug and kiss us,
we never deserve such love as You have planned for us:
love eternity past, present, and future,
love for every one of us failures.
You keep us coming with a heart of filial fear and Godward reverence,
You put Your Spirit in our hearts as evidence
of Your abiding love,
sealing, anointing, teaching, filling and Christward presence.
And You keep us to the end when You present us,
clean and holy, adorned in white,
a spirit made perfect for a day and a night,
then in resurrection glory.
O Lord, all Your perfections and decrees are not against me, but for me!
You don’t act upon man like blocks of wood,
but uphold him consistent with all that his nature could or would
(not the way philosophy paints autonomy.
You effectually call men to choose freely).
So to Arminians and hyper-Calvinists,
I beg you to really grasp this,
‘your whole personality needs to believe in order to be saved,
and if you’re schizo then ”all your personalties need to get saved”’,
(to quote brother Kevin Brzak
who in a real situation actually said that)
You don’t have to reach the point of contentment with hell,
for that would mean to remain an enemy sinner as well.
Is that what you want, or do you want Christ?
If you lack Him then come thirsty,
come, come now, come empty!

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.