Adam and Eve, the dream couple on honeymoon in Eden
are the pristine, unfallen picture of the end scene in
a boy gets girl love story.
In Your plan Lord the first will be last,
both in new creational ethics, and the order of events in last things.
Adam is a dead end with so much going for him at first
and a host of potential fulfillments along the course
of redemption history,
but therein lies the mystery.
Hidden to be revealed we work our way to Israel in Song of Songs,
represented by the Shullamite in her love for Solomon,
whose matrimony mirrors that of ideal images
in Edenic bliss of right relationship,
to leverage Israel to right worship of and passion for Yahweh-
but it didn’t end that way.
The land was filled with twisted images of other husbands
she thought were paying her wages,
and after exile came the Desire of nations
with columns of smoke from the wilderness, full of the Spirit,
the Christ, the Adamic-Solomonic Psalm 45 fulfillment!
With twelve apostles serving as the nucleus
pointing backward to Israel, and forward to Jesus
building His church, which includes the elect of the Old Testament,
an innumerable multitude of brethren
from every nation, age, and language,
an unmixed race all saved the same way,
though we might not practice all things the same way.
Bearing two symbols of our new creational status
that don’t grant us access, but are still granted us:
baptism, said in the same breath as conversion,
which pictures our union with Christ by His working,
the flood and exodus combined;
the Lord’s table, the Passover intertwined
with the greater exodus of the Lamb slain,
our better Moses leading us out, remembering His pain,
and Him remembering what He promised,
not mere ritual, but spiritual in its contents.
The church comes from Your side Lord,
built into a woman by the word;
bone of Your bones, the reward of Your suffering,
cutting for marriage a new covenant.
Then is the church Israel?
Yes the church is real and true Israel,
but only by virtue of union to and procession from
the most true One ‘called out of Egypt’, ‘My Son’-
the Head of the new creation by God’s oath and vindicatory last day resurrection.
The first Man to be coronated atop mount Zion!
The New Jerusalem’s rightful heir, the Adam scion,
wearing an incorruptible renewed body,
and bearing an indissoluble union to His body- the church.
The two become one, and out shines His handiwork!
We become transparent and Christ is seen in us,
the Master’s genius!
But the church being Israel does not exactly work retrospectively.
Augustine said it best when he used the analogy
of the birth of Jacob and Esau:
the large body of unsaved Israel were like him though we saw
the hand of Jacob at the same time- the elect line,
after them the Head having preeminence,
and then the full body, thus divided in time, but one people in essence.
Christ, the apostles, and New Testament prophets have foundational priority
since He gave to them more and clearer than the OT, the knowledge of the mystery:
Jew and Gentile integration into one new Adam through the gospel
(thus the church didn’t start in the garden with the first gospel).
Though Paul’s analogy of the olive tree outweighs his,
what is being said is that this organic, mystical body is
the eternal purpose in Christ to unite heaven and earth
begun already, but as always, not fully, ’till heaven and earth
pass away with a roar on the last day,
and the sons of God are revealed with their Progenitor
to catch the foxes, and kill every predator.
Then will the bride be unveiled,
no sin will mar her beauty;
the marriage supper of the Lamb will begin,
as we see the King in His beauty,
and we will not be ashamed.

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.