Assist me you mighty angels who sing our Maker’s excellence,
anytime, every time, you winged creatures,
holy by derivation and election,
kept from falling by the Lord’s providential protection;
you six winged seraphs who cover feet and face,
living creatures and cherubs,
morning stars that sang the Creator’s praises
as He laid the earth’s foundation,
caused all things to begin with a word,
a heaven on earth kind of world
where God was at the center,
and from there
extend His glory by His images,
until constricted by the prince of demons
under the guise of a harmless serpent-
the end time opponent.
Cherubim then kept them from the tree of life,
(actually a service to these heirs of eternal life)
since to eat would mean hopeless suffering
like fallen angels who remain unforgiven,
bound until the day of judgment,
yet active, trying through religion backed by government
to wipe out God’s gospel, and God’s people.
Scripture has taught repeatedly that Pharaoh and Athaliah have their sequel-
the man of lawlessness;
like Antiochus, Nero redivivus, pseudo-Judas,
like India’s last avatar of Vishnu,
Asia’s fifth Buddha;
like Islam’s Mahdi, and worse than the Fuhrer;
coming out of the closet from within the church
defiling the temple as the serpent did at first,
bringing to lost man the final instruction,
to finally pull off the church’s destruction;
and as the creation itself becomes unhinged
Christ will descend with all of His angels,
and consign the lost with the devil and his angels
to permanent exile.
But in the meantime Michael the archangel, or maybe another chief prince,
keeps back the man of sin like the prince of Persia,
and prince of Greece in Daniel’s time.
Only a times, a time, and a half a time left,
in this eschatological tension of already but not yet.
We’ve seen a lot of false teachers over the years,
the antichrist likes to scratch many peoples ears,
seared consciences, abstaining, forbidding, defiling, and twisting Scripture:
Judiazers, Gnostics, Arians, and every admixture
under the sun that comes in the name Christ
proclaiming another gospel from a different angle,
”but even if we or an angel
from heaven should preach to you a gospel
contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.”
A gospel of works!
Those armies of heaven who see the face of God know how
impossible and blasphemous it is, no matter how
genuine and consistent one is to advance himself to glory,
because of how holy, holy, holy the Holy One is;
if John falls to worship a holy creature,
and Daniel is incapacitated with fear,
then how much more will sinful man die if God appeared,
and didn’t deign to somehow veil His visible glory,
as in the cases of the Angel of the Lord throughout the story
leading up to Bethlehem
in the perfect Personal union of God and Man-
”seen by angels”,
He cast out demons, feared by Legion,
crowned with thorns and then lifted above all angels, rulers, and authorities,
and confessed as Lord by every being on bent knees,
redeemed and damned, elect and evil,
every creature will acknowledge at His sequel,

Sown in Eden,
”In the beginning”.
Progressive revelation,
”It is finished”.