Let’s get down to the heart of the issue.
Under all the deep tissue
there lies within
a heart of stone that’s black with sin,
dead and cursed,
expressed in words, thoughts, plans,
deeds committed with your hands,
and motives of selfishness to fulfill your lusts
in hatred to man and God above.

You love to hate because God hates what you love.
Enslaved to sin and without real vision-
light to the eye doesn’t cure the blind
you’re missing the point, you’re dead in sin.

And unless God gives grace to come to Him,
you’ll lie a corpse until the last Day when accounts are settled,
and then you’ll be nothing but a vessel fit for hell forever.
You must realize that from Christ you’re severed,
without life or wisdom.
Let the word change your disposition
and believe in Jesus Christ to be forgiven;
to be with Christ now and on the last Day united.

Don’t try to fight it, just cast yourself upon Christ.
Do so now while you have the Light with you.