So dark a night
And darker still
The sin that on Him crushed laid

As blood flowed down
From broken hands
And feet until the price was paid

Did hell ‘ere come a night as this?
As from a traitor’s kiss
Came now such crushing agony

As earth did awake
And break! And fall!
The sin of all He bore for me and thee

Did death now gain the victory?
Yea such it seemed
But God almighty hath the greater plan to set men free

The Silent grace
That held my perished Savior fast
In coldest death

Yet could it keep him?
Nay, for of that morn
He rose and night was past

So bright a light!
And brighter still
My soul as thus to him I yield

O Lord my God!
Such love I cannot comprehend
My pardon and life that He, with death, has sealed