Unlike Spock’s brother, my message is from God.
Whether this wrecks Star Trek is not the fore:
Let’s address the real warp core.
Listen to His damage report; you’ve breached the inner hull!
Do not abandon, ignore, or fake it (like synthahol).
This is not an anomaly; this is you normally.

The Nemesis deceives to keep you
from self-examination… so he can eat you.
Go to Sick Bay, and belay Shinzon’s order!
Lay and be examined by the divine tricorder.
You’re in more trouble than Tribbles,
“You’re dead, Jim!” Plain and simple.

You’re not paralyzed like Pike, either.
As you master hidden “treasures,”
You don’t know your heart’s a holodeck of sinful pleasure!
You veg on “Hollow Pursuits” like Reg,
Wasting everything good in the time-space continuum-
Ungrateful, unaware that it’s God who’s given them.

Hear the whole, not only parts (like V-GER).
Though the best parts of you are like a Red Shirt,
There’s one access port to enter the kingdom of God-
Even you! Though your soul is like Klingon Gagh!
As life forms, we’re so bad we can’t be fixed by replication.
Our nature must be renewed by regeneration.

God sent His Son, One, to die for His ship’s crew.
Christ was first to be raised to conditions totally new.
Similar to Spock on the Genesis Planet (with variation),
Jesus is God, the Son, who originates the new creation.
His resurrection gives life to others also,
By bringing the life of God into the human soul.

His tractor beam has never failed Him,
And He gets rebels to willingly hail Him.
His frequency has always been the same,
repent, and believe, and call upon His name!
The final frontier is death and resurrection;
Christ is there and shifts believers to His dimension.

He will set His phaser from stun to kill, so respond!
Or He’ll beam you up to face wrath far worse than Khan’s.