The son of Adam entered The courtroom
And knowing his certain demise, unto the ground he crashed
For the truth about his nature was then zoomed
Those unclean lips in His presence wouldn’t pass
Like an anchor crashing at the bottom of the sea
So was the movement of his fallen body

“Woe is me” He cried out in his fear
“For I am lost” He cried out has his end drew near

Lacking the strength to stand, the condemned man was on the floor
Bowing in fear induced agony as the verdict was clearly “guilty!”
For He was no innocent, but the ravaging boar
Kicked out of Eden’s forest and now dwelling outside the City

In the presence of the Holy, Holy, Holy One
The son of Adam’s depravity is on full display
For the righteousness of the innocent Son
In contrast to the evil of his days, the evil of his gaze and the evil of his ways
Made it impossible for him to give Him praise

But God being rich in mercy passed over the sins of Adam’s son
In His great love for us He provided for him a lamb

So Jesus Christ entered the courtroom
Proving His innocence in all He was asked
For the truth of His nature was not to be assumed
As unlike the Human Nature, He had passed
But despite His innocence, “Crucify him!” they howled
In the face of imminence, His death was allowed

He received a great number of agonizing lashes
And they embedded a crown of thorns on his head
At this point, He would have had seen His life pass in flashes
But much more suffering was in store for the road ahead
The Lamb was about to start the journey to Calvary
A journey that will mark history’s greatest human felony

On the way to Calvary Jesus Christ was given a cross
His bleeding hands held it firmly
As He was expected to carry it across
The field of those who called him the enemy
While the torture and the blood loss
Started to make him wonder helplessly

Beyond recognition was His state
When finally nailed to the tree
The Place of a Skull was the estate
That saw the fate of men set free

But greater agony was upon that cross
Where the innocent lamb drank the full cup
Of the wrath of God that was meant for us
From every bitter thought and deeds to the last drop

He who was called His own
Became to Him unknown
As for the first time in history
God was alone

A journey that will mark history’s greatest human felony
While at the same time we need to understand that His agony
Was necessary to obtain our victory
So The Father was satisfied, and