deep rooted, humanity
is subject to sin and vanity.

Useless man’s mind and emotions,
bound is the will in all it’s motions.
How came dearth of such degree?
Union in the first human family.

Adam and Eve, the first covenant,
garden of Eden, God’s government.
We know the original situation,
but we have fallen from that station.
Adam acted in voluntary disloyalty,
and so was dethroned from royalty.
No more freedom of sinless expression,
no more freedom from guiltless intention.
A freewill? Ha! A tribute to sinful theses.
No, nature’s will is covered in feces,
along with a misshapen apprehension
of God, of man, of truth, of heaven.
Man’s thoughts, in God’s estimation,
are useless, and more resemble Satan’s.
Our emotions are all naturally flawed
because before us there is no fear of God.
We have become altogether worthless,
slaves of sin who don’t want to be purchased.
Our conscience either accuses or excuses,
but also calls good “evil” if we abuse it.
No one seeks after or is sensitive to God,
and even if we obeyed He wouldn’t applaud.

Do you think God owes man a single reward?
Does He give merit if we obey His word?
What about in the case of salvation,
whose will is it to save men?
Do you have the ability to choose right,
and after that the strength to hold tight?
Does God call you or set you free?
Does He have the right to rescue thee?
Why are you saved and your neighbor not;
does your right move give glory to God?
Man’s morally free will is past expiration.
Now we just wallow in our degradation.

Radical indeed is our depravity-
deep rooted, humanity
is subject to sin and vanity.