As when God spoke, worlds appeared,
He speaks, behold, new creatures!

This is one of the most hated Old Testament teachings
confirmed again in the New Testament teachings.
Just as God chooses whom He wills,
so He renews and enables our wills;
just as Adam did not choose his creation,
those in Christ don’t choose regeneration.
Here’s the difference between Luther and Erasmus
the former true, the latter blasphemous.
“No man can come to me” enough said,
it takes the Father drawing out the dead.
This drawing is not rough and draggy,
but with such a gentle touch, the way He
woos His graceless but elect bride
and wins her to His pierced side,
opens the fount for sin’s cleansing,
reads to her, breathes in her, applies dressing,
grants the response to repose on His breast
and puts all fear to flight, she’s at rest.
This is the picture of God’s re-creative act!
Do you call that a rape or violent attack?
It’s only because autonomy and freewill
are triumphant thoughts in you still!

Why do we writhe against creating grace
as if we were the Maker of our race?
If it contradicts the natural realm,
how much more the supernatural one?
Do we feel less important,
because we are so impotent,
that we need the Omnipotent
to give our responding motion?
If repentance and faith are gifts, as everything is,
then why not just revel that He is so gracious?
Why do we rob God of thanksgiving,
because we implode with self-pity?
How deplorable is our warped will
that after grace we talk of self still?
How dare we think that we found Him,
when He seeks and saves drowned men?
What kind of ungrateful pots are we,
to not thank the Potter who made us free?
Did you choose Jesus? I’m pretty sure you did,
only because He gave it to you to do what you did!

Creation call:
As when God spoke, worlds appeared,
He speaks, behold, new creatures!