We must and will finish the race,
upheld by a preserving grace.

It is an emotional decision to reject election
and then believe you can’t lose salvation,
and just as wrong to take warning sections
of Scripture to mean previous saints face damnation.

“Once Saved, Always Saved” is a true aphorism,
since salvation is of the Lord’s power and wisdom.
We didn’t come to Christ on our own freewill,
so we can’t leave since a change is instilled
in the depths of our being to keep us from fleeing;
New Covenant promises God is still keeping.
Guarding us through faith for end-time salvation,
continuing the good work in us until presentation;
using warning passages to preserve His elect
from reaping the consequences of those who defect,
since athiests, apostates, and the ungodly miss heaven,
so don’t lump yourself together with them.
Run the race all the way to the very end,
and don’t get caught up in the world again,
don’t forsake Christ for obsolete Jewish rites
as if there was effectiveness to shadows and types.
Be faithful unto death and receive the crown of life,
let no one take your crown which is eternal life.
The one who endures to the end will be saved,
and join Christ in resurrection from the grave, glorified.

Christian, do you assume you’ll wake up a Christian?
If so, do you not yet see God’s provision?
Do you link that phenomenon to God’s wisdom?
Do you think your faith is due to God’s mission?
Or do you make it all the way by freewilling?
That prospect should sound chilling.

Unfortunately for most they boast in freewill,
and make personal choice such a big deal,
they neglect to glorify God and fall short
into an emotional hole Christ doesn’t promote.
Arminian, Full and Semi Pelagian, listen:
Examine your most basic presuppositions:
You say we have “freewill”, quoting the Scriptures,
but import a meaning born of philosophers;
You try to defend God’s intrinsic purity,
but defend a lie about God’s sovereignty;
You accept “eternal security” conveniently,
but deny unconditional election feelingly.
What of this is based on actual exegesis?
This is a denial of the theology of Jesus,
not just of Calvin, Augustine, or famous preachers!

We must and will finish the race,
upheld by a preserving grace.

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