The pitiful state of man blighted by sin
Undeserving of God’s deigning grace.
Lamb without spot sheds His blood-
In come heirs to the Kingdom of God!
Peace! Peace! You shall at last be saved!

There lies man, dead, since the fall
Unless the Almighty choose Him still.
Laid upon His head His people’s guilt-
Impossible! The church is built!
Perish never, ’tis not His Father’s will.

That which makes man futile
Underscores God’s determined glory.
Let Me have My children now!
I will raise them from the ground!
People will see My glory!”

Tell the sinner damned, undone
Unless chosen from their equals,
Life of th’ flesh spilt for some,
In vain! They’d run, not come.
Praise God! They’re kept from two evils.

Tepid, useless, man’s greatest efforts.
Unimpeachable, God’s great decree.
Lush red blood flows for saints
Induced by grace to put on faith,
Press on and on to victory!