O Jerusalem!
Do you remember when the last prophet spoke?
When a descendant of David sat on a couch but not a throne
And Aaron’s offspring was still in charge of the smoke?
Though you were sitting on a pagan zone
Your greatest tests had yet to be known

O Jerusalem!
That time of testing had to be sealed
Before the coming Messiah was to be revealed
The stage of the world had to be set right
So that The Light of the world could shine as bright
In the words of the prophets you were to be soaked
In order to comprehend your coming yoke

Cyrus The Great returned you to Zion
But he will not be your salvation

The four hundred years of silence begins

O Jerusalem!
First a slave to the Persians, but just for a while
Until a conquering goat, was to run down their walls
Now that goat came as a Macedonia child
The defender of men, who thirsted for wars
He managed to steal the lamps from the east
So that the light in the west should increase

Alexander The Great left you alone in Zion
But he will not be your salvation

O Jerusalem!
When the young goat left the scene
your lustful ways became much obscene
Engaged in a love triangle and an abusive relationship
As Ptolemy and Seleucus had you in their grip
The king of the north and the king of the south
Were the flames that came forth
As the breath of a dragon’s mouth

And while your body was being ravaged
There was a great chasm within
As you had given birth to a savage
A set of illegitimate twins
Pharisee and Sadducee by name
These will bring you much sorrow and pain

But Jerusalem!
Your rivers of tears were to reach the overflow
When the madman Antiochus
Came back from a presumed fatal blow
Causing you to live through your greatest ruckus
One who surpasses all of your previews foes

The holy of holies was desecrated
By his presence and unclean sacrifice
A Status of Zeus in the midst erected
All in reminiscence of the price
For your deep desire for independence
Even when you were in His presence

A momentary rest for Jerusalem!
When Maccabee brought back the lights
And established his priestly reign
By delivering you from that pagan plight
But that moment was your finest
For you were soon in bed with Romulus
For his western light shone the brightest
Blinding you with his prominence

Pompey The Great left you in Zion
But he will not be your salvation

The four hundred years of silence ends

O Jerusalem!
Do you remember when John the Baptist spoke
And a descendant of Esau sat on Jacob’s throne?
When sold out politicians were in charge of the smoke
And you were still living in a pagan zone?
During your four hundred years in the wilderness
Your sons have perfected their madness
Pharisee has declared himself better than God
And Sadducee has rebelled, calling Him a fraud

O Jerusalem!
You were called to be a nation of priests
But you are a nation of slaves
Your neighbors, on you they all feast
Coming in progressive waves

First the Persians
en the Grecians
And now the Romans

What of that promise given to the great King
About a descendant of his, who will freedom bring?
Through an independent Jerusalem that rules over the nations
He shall bring the true light, and be your salvation